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woofmeowmoo replied to your photo:
<3 Do you have a dream project you want to do or something? I love your artwork.

Hmm, i dunno honestly…I guess I’d love to do a series of posters of my favourite things, things that inspire me.
Something i can frame and hang up.
I should probably be a bit more ambitious, have more chutzpah V:

thank you~!! ; u ;

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slugbox Asked:
/makes it rain with like 17 bucks.

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Anonymous Asked:
Did you do some pics in a /b/ drawthread recently? I went to bed and forgot to save them!

i’ll post them up as soon as get a few more to add. i feel silly posting stuff from /b/ when there are only one or two things. V:

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Anonymous Asked:
Naw but in all seriousness I wish I knew more girls like you in person because I think people like you are awesome and I would love to be in an intimate relationship with someone like you.

people like me are regular people, my friend~ i’m just very open about what i enjoy. i’m sure there are many men and women and everyone inbetween that enjoy what you or I do, its about finding out and connecting with them~~

good luck, my friend

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hello new followers.

ur gonna regret it

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laurangeblossom Asked:
what if cteno was a boob. just one boob. one boob with life-like texture ;_:


why did i think you didn’t have a fucking image for this ask.

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repetitive affirmations under the cut

I will never be truly sorry

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That is gonna cause blood loss in your brain.

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slugbox Asked:
How big is your futa laur peen??

dis big

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Anonymous Asked:
I notice a lot of your drawings are textured. Would you mind giving out your brush secrets? :3

no real secret, i use SAI’s crayon brush and default watercolour paper textures. makes it feel more organic and fun ;3

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Anonymous Asked:
Burgers all over my dash and I can't complain.

best way to start the day~

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slugbox Asked:
If it plays, bob dances.

you’re grounded.

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bracing for impact


LMAO A++++ joke by me.
-phantom of the telethon


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